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Hopping Through 2021 With Nice Frog

My 8 stocks for March 2021: JETS, VCR, VTWV, MJ, CCL, OLN, GE, MP. So 2021 bumps along while I invest & trade using nice FROG. My 4 step investment strategy....
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Jumping Into 2021 With Nice Frog

My 6 stocks for 2021: JETS, TSLA, VUG, VYM, CCL, and AZN. So 2021 starts while I invest & trade using nice FROG. My 4 investment strategies....
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Fun with PHP Cyber Traveler Variables

One of the best things about PHP is it's ability to process $variables. Lets say we want to return a message to our visitor based on a URL parameter like where they came from. How Fun is that?...
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Why Test Responsive Websites At Each Design Step

An 8th grade science teacher, my father "Virgil" painted farm barns when school was out for summer. His slogan was "We paint your barn like it's our'n". He would do a section and step back to check the work before moving on...
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Fresh Content SEO For Beginners

Coding your website for SEO, SMO and user experience should include fresh up to date content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) brings visitors to your site. Keeping your content current s...
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How Important is Syntax Punctuation Really

Periods commas colons and semicolons can make your day longer if they are misplaced. Especially within PHP and Javascript code. Close attention the first time around saves lots of headaches trying to figure out where the pr...
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Easy Dynamic Web Design for Everyone

In basic form a dynamic website asks users to login. When logged in the user acts on information based on their choices. Examples are Amazon, Facebook, and Capital One. All these use variants of what is known as "Shoppin...
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Things To Know About W3CSS Web Templates

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) make it possible to change every page in your website by making one change in the style.css file. W3.CSS is a FREE CSS style "Framework" already coded for you at w3schools.com. Another term yo...
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