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Hopping Through 2021 With Nice Frog

My 8 stocks for March 2021: JETS, VCR, VTWV, MJ, CCL, OLN, GE, MP. So 2021 bumps along while I invest & trade using nice FROG. My 4 step investment strategy....
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Jumping Into 2021 With Nice Frog

My 6 stocks for 2021: JETS, TSLA, VUG, VYM, CCL, and AZN. So 2021 starts while I invest & trade using nice FROG. My 4 investment strategies....
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Fun with PHP Cyber Traveler Variables

One of the best things about PHP is it's ability to process $variables. Lets say we want to return a message to our visitor based on a URL parameter like where they came from. How Fun is that?...
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